Iron Fire!
Chapter 2

Iron Fire!


Aian Faia

Chapter Number

Chapter 2

Japanese Release

December 9, 2013

Acid Town

Iron Fire! is the 2nd chapter of Yagi Tomohiro's Iron Knight.


One month into the Era of Chaos, Teppei still lingers in Magatama Town and finds the town's evacuation plan to Yamatoyama City. Teppei recollects how he has burned the bodies of the dead and has look for other human survivors in the month, only to fail. He realizes that the people who evacuated can't return to Magatama Town because of all the Goblins around so he decides to go look for them. As he starts his journey, he transforms his hand into iron, grabs a car, and throws it at a Goblin he finds. The Goblin doesn't suffer any visible damage and leaps at Teppei, who uses Iron Fire, finishing off the Goblin. Teppei explains his technique and then continues his journey.

Once the sun starts going down, Teppei looks for a place to rest as he assumes travelling at night would be trouble. When he finds a resting place, Teppei sees his map and notices that he is already a quarter of the way to his destination, making him happy. The next day, he is assaulted by a group of Goblins early in the morning. He defeats them all but he gets irritated that his technique's name is too long, so he shortens it to just the initials I.F.. The sun starts going down once again and Teppei says that he wasn't able to go as far as he wanted today, when he is suddenly found and attacked by a Goblin. Teppei counterattacks but he ends up countering another group of them, and continues to fight.

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