Epilogue is the second omake and epilogue of  Yagi Tomohiro's Iron Knight.

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Chapter Number

Chapter 18

Volume 3
Knight Seeker

Summary Edit

Taking place many years in the future where Humans and goblins are now peaceful with each other.Three young children visit the Iron mountain which was were the final battle between the Iron knight and Amachi Zenjiro takes place,They encountered what appears to be a statue on top of the mountain but is actually the remains of the iron knight's shell they begin to talk about the myth of iron knight as one kid wondered if the iron knight was a hero or a demon and as the children realise they are late for school one young boy named Teppei remained before joining the others believed that the iron knight was a hero and felt that he would become a hero like him someday.

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Trivia Edit

  • This epilogue tells about Teppei Ushizume's fate as it is shown in flashback that he becomes human again after coming out of his iron goblin shell few hours after sealing Amachi into a mountain.
  • The omake time skips many years to the future.

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