Goblins destroying everything in their path.

Goblins (ゴブリン Goburin) are a race of humans that have undergone a transformation into monstrous humanoid creatures.


Goblins are humanoid monsters of different shapes and sizes. Most goblins retain basic human structure such as having two posterior and two inferior limbs, and facial features such as two eyes, a mouth and a nose.[1] This, however, is not the case for every Goblin, as Teppei Ushizume's Iron Form doesn't seem to possess a nose.[2]


Originally, humans had the power of the Goblins, but they shut it down inside their bodies in an attempt to keep it hidden.[3]


When humans transform into Goblins, their physical appearance changes completely, and they also lose all traces of their former humanity, mindlessly destroying everything around them.[1] There are some, however, who are capable of controlling the transformation, and are able to shift freely from human to Goblin and vice versa while still retaining their sense of self.[4] This was first displayed after Kirio Karasuba landed in front of Teppei Ushizume, reverting back to human form so he and the boy could talk.[5]

Known GoblinsEdit


  • The name "Goblins" was given to them by people on the Internet.[6]


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