Kyohei Ushizume
Kyohei Ushizume

丑鎮 京兵


Ushizume Kyōhei




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Kyohei Ushizume (丑鎮 京兵 Ushizume Kyōhei) is a policeman and the father of Teppei Ushizume.


He is a dedicated individual, committed to protecting the people of his hometown. He is also not one to break promises, stating that he will continue to carry out his wife's last wishes, and asking Teppei to do the same.[1] He has been described as a "wet blanket" by Tsubasa's father.[2]


He looks very similar to his son Teppei, sporting the same triangle-shaped eyebrows and facial structure. His hair is a dark color, and looks to be at least at the nape of his neck in length.[3]


At some point in his past he married Teppei's mother and fathered Teppei. He also became a fantastic policeman, and captured many criminals, including Kirio Karasuba.[4]


During Teppei and Tsubasa's visit to the blackboard plaza, Kyohei called his son, demanding to know where he was. Upon hearing that he was still at school, he orders him to get to Tsubasa's house immediately. He goes on to tell Teppei that he may not be able to return home, but that Tsubasa's family will take care of him from now on. When Teppei objects to this sudden decision, Kyohei apologizes, stating that as a police officer, he must fight to the bitter end to protect their town. He then asks Teppei if he remembers what they had promised his mother before she died. When the boy gives the correct response to his query, Kyohei praises him for remembering their promises, stating that he will do his best to fulfill them, and urging Teppei to do the same. He then wishes his son all the best, and ends their call.[5] Later, after the Goblins' attack, when Kirio took Teppei to his father's work place, the police station, it had been destroyed, leaving Kyohei's current status unknown.[6]



  • (To Teppei Ushizume after he repeats his mother's wishes) "Very good. You and I have to keep those promises, right? I'm going to work hard from now on in order to do just that, so whatever happens, make sure you also live well, and someday, become an adult who protects someone."[1]


Kyohei (京兵 Kyōhei) means "capital city soldier".


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