The Blackboard Plaza
The Blackboard Plaza



Kokuban Hiroba

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Located In

Magatama Town

Manga Debut

Chapter 1

The Blackboard Plaza (黒板広場 Kokuban Hiroba) was a location in Magatama Town.


  • The wishes in the blackboard gives Teppei hope, and urges him to stand up and fight.
  • The blackboard being destroyed by Kirio Karasuba.

The plaza itself consists of a tiled square, almost entirely surrounded by forest, with a tiled path leading up to it. This path has a brick-like border, with grass on either side of it. Access to the square is made possible by a small flight of stairs.[1] In the center of the plaza was a blackboard, which was said to grant any wish written on it by gathering up the feelings of the writer and changing them into hope.[2] It was later destroyed by Kirio Karasuba during the beginning of the Era of Chaos.[3]


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