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She is the mother of Tsubasa Himegami and wife of Tsubasa's Father. She took care of Teppei Ushizume while Kyohei Ushizume was unable to before the night of the rise of the Goblins.[1]


She is a very kind-hearted and loving individual, immediately questioning where Teppei had gotten his injuries, and wondering why he was so late.[2] She also seems to be rather considerate, as her reason for not just adopting Teppei was that she didn't want to separate Kyohei from his only remaining family.[3]


She is petite with light-colored hair that reaches to the nape of her neck. Her usual attire consists of a long sleeved, dark-colored shirt with a turtleneck.[4] In Teppei's flashback, her hair appears to be slightly shorter, and she is wearing a short sleeved, light-colored collared shirt with dark regions around the neck, elbows, and waist. She also wore a pair of light-colored pants.[2]


At some point, she married Tsubasa's father and gave birth to Tsubasa. She also agreed to take care of Teppei while his father was busy with his work.[1] On one particular day, she waited anxiously for him to return home, questioning her daughter as to why he was late. Exasperated by the lack of a certain answer, this quickly turns to concern as Teppei finally returns, bruised and bloodied from his fight with a bully who had stolen Tsubasa's hair tie.[5]


When the report about Kirio Karasuba airs on the television, she smiles as her daughter excitedly points this out, and keeps her smile as the girl runs up the stairs to get Teppei. When the two of them finally come down, she returns Teppei's good morning greetings, and informs him that the news segment that his father was on is already over. She then tells the both of them to get their breakfast eaten, or they're going to be late for school. When her husband says that they should just adopt Teppei, as he is a good and energetic boy, she scolds him, stating that he is the only family that Kyohei has.[6] With the Goblins' attack and the destruction of her house, her current status is unknown.[7]






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