First of all, I want to say that I know some people have translated the chapter as VS. The Acid Ruler, well, they are wrong.

This is the japanese scan. The red letters is what I've added so you can see the pronunciation of each letter. as you can see, the word The isn't anywhere. But anyway,

Teppei and Numazawa continue their fight now in full Goblin form. Teppei becomes unable to do much as Numazawa's Acid Spit is a long-range technique while Teppei doesn't have a technique to attack that far away. Numazawa kills a man by bathing him in acid. Teppei uses his head and uses a car as shield and then quickly gets close to his enemy and punches him with what looks to be I.F. Numazawa clims a building in order to get a good place to shoot out his acid but Teppei follows. Numazawa completely flips his head backwards and spits out acid. Teppei dodges but Numazawa rains acid down on him until he eventually gets Teppei. Numazawa's tongue hurts him so he decides to kill him some other time and then leaves.

Teppei goes back to the people who have been spectators to the whole thing, but they shun him. Some old man says that there are rumors that only the worst people became Goblins and only the worst of the worst are able to control their transformation. That's a scaring possible theory as we have seen by Kirio Karasuba and Numazawa. Then Kazumochi says his dad was killed by a Goblin and now he doesn't want anything to do with Teppei.

Then, at a bench, Teppei sulks when he is approached by a mysterious girl who tells him to give up on humans and become a Goblin that destroys the world. Teppei refuses and meets Yuki, who asks him to be her friend.

And that's the end. Overall a pretty good chapter. We got a good fight that we will see continue some time in the future, possibly when Teppei becomes stronger. We got a theory on why Goblins exist. We got information on Kazumochi's dad and that he is dead. And we got Yuki who I'm pretty sure everyone is thinking she is the Rabbit Goblin Girl. Well, we'll see next chapter.

I rate it a 9/10.