Chapter 5

What a great chapter this was! It starts off by Yuki and Teppei becoming friends as he tells her his story and she does what she can for his wound on his leg. (Is it me, or does Yuki look older than last chapter? Which reminds me, these are 10 year olds. Should they really be doing everything they've done since the beginning of the Era of Chaos?) We get yet another theory of why people become goblins and why certain ones have special abilities: because of a strong nature and because of what's in people's souls. So we get to see that Numazawa, aka. Acid Ruler, decides to return in 3 days to kill everyone and meanwhile Teppei gets ready with Yuki's help. We learn that Teppei's goblin ability allows him to use his own molten iron to create things when they cool down. Oh all the possibilities that can come from that!! And yes, he wants a sword so I'm sure we'll be seeing that sometime soon.

Anyway, Teppei heads into battle with a spear and a shield to which this chapter is named after. Chapter's name is Scale Shield or Shield of Scales and that's what Teppei and Yuki figured out to counter Numazawa's acid. Numazawa returns and attacks with Acid Shots from far away, from atop a building, but it hardly does any damage to Teppei's shield. Because of the acid's corrosive nature, the shield is made of a lot of pieces that can be removed, stopping the acid from spreading. I like this power up. There is logic behind it and I love logic. SO Teepei gets close to Numazawa and attacks him in the tongue.... again... but this time he throws him away while holding onto it, ripping Acid Ruler's tongue out. OUCH. That must be painful as hell. I don't know exactly what happens next but it seems that, without his tongue, Numazawa lost control of his ability and started reproducing tons of acid that look like a cloud or mist of acid (lol just like Catching Fire!). What would happen if Teppei lost control? A bomb? So the acid cloud spreads and Kazumochi and Kuramochi get separated and it looks like Kazumochi is about to die.

Great chapter. Can't wait for the next one! I predict that Teppei will save Kazumochi and they will become friends again.

I rate it an 8.5/10.